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Appointment Reminders and Confirmations

Using AI connected to your EMR, we deliver a modern patient engagement for appointment reminders with little to no labor by your staff. Much less work than your existing solution. An excellent experience for your patients.


No-Show Management

Our AI-automated messaging technology takes over the task of reminding patients to reschedule. Your staff no longer needs to manually make outbound calls, emails, or texts to no-show patients. 


Patient Concierge

The Patient Concierge web and app experiences delivers everything patients and their guests need to know and do when visiting your location. Happy patients leave more referrals and great online reviews.


Appointment and Pathology Updates

AI technology and your EMR data can automatically message patients and their social networks in a timely, authorized, and appropriate manner. No extra work. All fully customizable message templates. 


Pre/Post-Op Care Messaging

Our AI-driven system generates electronic reminders to keep patients and caregivers alerted to the next step that needs to be taken in your care plans. Sending out an electronic care plan with your patients is fully automatic and configurable. No extra work for your staff. 


Reputation Management

Managing your online reputation is complex and time-consuming. Your staff lacks the time, attention, and expertise to manage it effectively. Today patients choose a practice based on its online reputation and recent quality reviews. Most online practice reviews are poor since only disgruntled patients have the motivation to write reviews. It takes 10x to 20x as many good reviews to overcome a single bad review. Our AI technology reaches every patient. Our data warehouse visualizations prove the efficacy of our technology and its ability to improve your reputation.  


EMR Anomaly Reports

Your staff makes errors in EMR entries that go unnoticed (hard to find). Undocumented encounters = lost revenue (no records, no bill, no income). Missed documentation on Encounters leads to poor charting and liability. Easy to miss no-show appointments leads to failure to engage for new appointments. Daily corrections to operational errors is the difference between profitability and loss. 


Ready to Try it Out?

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