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Patient Concierge   Navigation and Amenities


Help Patients and Guests get to and from Appointments and Enjoy the Experience


The Solution:

Web & App-Based Service that Helps your Patients and Guests Navigate your Practice

Our AI-driven service is modeled on large hospital/large donor patient concierge services. We have democratized that highly personal and customized service so that your practice can now deliver it to every patient and guest electronically.


We combine your location’s tribal knowledge with our AI-mined data of your facility and surroundings to build logistics, navigation, food, retail, and parking instructions. To make rideshare easy, we encode your facility information into easy one-click ordering Lyft and Uber rides.


AI-generated custom, per-location pages can be put on your practice website. Links are sent in our appointment reminders and status updates, making the amenity information always at hand.

Key Takeaways

  • Today people expect to have a frictionless online experience when engaging with your practice.

  • Your staff wastes time providing the same minimal logistical information for each location.

  • The Patient ConciergeTM web and app experiences deliver everything patients, and their guests need to

    know and do when visiting your location. Happy patients leave more referrals and great online reviews.

Current Reality

Patients and their guests are on their own when they come to visit your locations.


Typical questions: Where to park, how to get from parking structures to your office? Where is the nearest pharmacy to pick up my prescriptions and supplies?


If guests have to wait, they need to know where to find the restrooms (and keys), as well as where to get a quick drink or snack. If you have spotty cell coverage, they will ask your staff for the Wi-Fi settings.

Today’s Modern Patients Expect

High-Quality, Information Rich, Low Friction Self-Service Experience

The Problems

You want to give every patient and their family a white-glove patient concierge experience, but your staff does not have the time and resources to deliver it. The minimal information delivered by practice staff leads to visitor confusion, frustration, and potentially poor online reviews.


Download the full Data Sheet for Patient Concierge (TM) Navigation and Amenities here:

Ready to Try it Out?

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