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No-Show Appointment Manager



The Problem

Getting patients back into a new replacement appointment is a labor-intensive and complex task that requires research into the history of the patient in the EMR, researching patient contact information, and sending a series of emails, texts, and phone calls to get the patient to schedule a new appointment.

Time is of the Essence

It is crucial to contact a patient who has missed an appointment as soon as possible. A timely reminder to reschedule with consistent follow-up is most likely to succeed.

Third-Party Appointments

In some cases, a no-show appointment may be made by someone other than the patient. With third- party-created appointments, no-shows may not be visible to them.

In a modern patient engagement system, messaging must be to the patient and their social network. The patient’s social network can include spouses, partners, guardians, caregivers, family members, and others. Modern technology must interact with all these people related to the patient to ensure that the appointment is rescheduled and the patient shows up.

Our technology messages not only the patient but also everyone they have subscribed and have authorized.

Getting Your Staff to Connect with No-Show Patients is Very Difficult AI Automated Messaging Takes over the Job

Current Reality

Patient no-shows are a daily fact-of-life for every practice. Few practices have the technology and staff to handle all no-shows in a consistent, systematic manner.


Appointment reminders can reduce no-shows due to forgetfulness, but most no-shows are due to real-life circumstances that no technology can change.


Some patients will reschedule their appointments, but many will forget their medical appointments.

The Solution

Using AI technology combined with the data in your EMR, we can allow your staff to review all your incomplete appointments and immediately create automated background communication workflows. The workflow periodically and autonomously messages the patient and their care network to remind them to reschedule the patient’s appointment.

The process of converting no-shows into workflows is a simple process that should take no longer than 5-10 minutes of your staff’s time each day. The process is simply reviewing the no-shows, selecting them, and clicking a button on a screen.

The AI technology in our No-Show Appointment ManagerTM is smart enough to terminate reminders once the patient has rescheduled their new appointment with your staff.

Key Takeaways

  • No one on your staff wants to be desk-bound all day to get no-show patients to reschedule.

  • Your staff can find and resolve no-shows in minutes using AI and automation.

  • Our AI-automated messaging technology takes over the task of reminding patients to reschedule.

  • Patients contact your staff when they are ready to reschedule.

  • Your staff no longer needs to manually make outbound calls, emails, or texts to no-show patients.

  • Neglecting your no-shows is simply ignoring revenue that is easy to capture with the right technology.


Download the full Data Sheet for No Show Appointment Manager (TM) here:

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