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Automated Pre-Op and Post-Op
Care Reminders

Better Patient Outcomes with Improved Compliance


Patient Compliance with Care Plans is Dependent on Continuous Patient Communication Discharging a Patient with just Paper Instructions is not Adequate Today

The Problems

Many patients fail to pick up their medications or required supplies from the pharmacy. Others regularly forget their scheduled medications, wound care, and more.

Some patients depend on family members or caregivers who may not be aware of the patient care plan or its current progress.

Messages begin with pre-op instructions prior to a procedure. Then, follow-up messages are generated on patient check-out/chart finalization that remind the patient to pick up their medications and supplies. Later, messages check-in with the patient to confirm their satisfactory condition or to alert the practice of any concerns. We generate calendars that generate phone and desktop alerts reminding the patient and caregivers when medications are to be taken, and other procedures are to be performed.


The content and timing of all messages to the patient and their social network are fully configurable by the practice.

Current Reality

The success of a treatment or surgery depends on both the doctor's skill and the patient's adherence to the care plan.

The Solution:

The Solution:

AI-Driven Care Plan Compliance

Our AI-driven solution uses the information in your EMR to generate a series of customized, time- released messages and calendars. These are sent to your patient as well as their family, care team, and any others designated by the patient. The generated messages are derived from the EMR appointment type, date of procedures, and your encounters.

Modern Patient Engagement

Let's face it, the printed instructions and timelines for most post-op care are difficult to understand by lay patients.

Even rotating credentialed caregivers on multiple shifts can have challenges in understanding and executing written care plans (i.e., what day of the care plan the patient is on). It's also easy to miss a step unless you have a reminder at the appropriate time.

Everyone now has, or has someone with, a smartphone to receive texts and emails. Why not allow their devices to help your patient comply with your care instructions?

Using AI connected to your EMR, we provide a way for your practice to automatically push out scheduled reminders to the patient and everyone associated with them to keep them compliant with your medical orders. If you don't want to message them, patients and caregivers can use custom- generated electronic calendars to remind them of their next scheduled tasks.

Getting Good Reviews

Many patients are anxious about medical appointments and procedures. By providing a shared calendar to everyone involved with the patient, everyone has more confidence knowing that every step you have designed is being taken and confirmed.


Today's patients expect to be kept up-to-date and on time with their technology. An excellent patient experience drives the practice's reputation and reviews on social media and review sites.

Key Takeaways

  • It's easy to miss steps in your care plans because paper gets lost or people forget what you told them.

  • Our AI-driven system generates electronic reminders to keep patients and caregivers alerted to the next

    step that needs to be taken in your care plans.

  • Sending out an electronic care plan with your patients is fully automatic and configurable for each

    appointment type in your system.

  • No extra work for your staff – post-op care messages and calendars are generated and sent automatically as soon as you finalize your chart (encounter).


Download the full Data Sheet for Automated Pre-Op and Post-Op Care Reminders here:

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