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Appointment and Pathology
Completion Updates

Automatically keep Patients, Families, and Caregivers up to Date


Key Takeaways

  • Modern patient engagement requires real-time appointments and lab/pathology updates of patients and their authorized social network.

  • AI technology and your EMR data can automatically message patients and their social networks in a timely, authorized, and appropriate manner. All messaging templates can be customized.

  • Keep appointment and pathology data up to date in the EMR, and our AI service takes care of the required patient communication work automatically. No extra work.

The Solution:

Full Patient Engagement - More than
Just Appointment Reminders

Using AI and your EMR data, we continuously track your patients as they confirm, arrive, check-in, and check-out, as well as longer-term lab/pathology completions. As soon as there is a change in EMR status for the patient, we share that information with whomever the patient has subscribed to and is authorized to see their status. We provide real-time updates on pathology completion status and alert the patient (and anyone they authorized) when it is time to contact your office to review the results.

Updates are sent via email, SMS/Text, and Voice per your preferences, all automatically with no special human labor tasks. With these updates, we eliminate all of those inbound calls and make everyone happier in the process.

Modern Patient Engagement requires real-time updates to your patients, families, and caregivers.

The Problem

Keeping everyone in a patient’s network updated in real-time on a patient’s status is labor intensive, and the EMR does not contain enough information to accomplish that task. Imagine if you no longer needed to keep texting, emailing, and phoning these updates.

Current Reality

Amazon tells you where your package is, but medical practices can’t do the same for patients and their families.

Families want to know when and where their loved ones have appointments booked. They may want to know when loved ones arrive or when appointments are completed so they can pick them up.

Patients, families, and caregivers are required to keep calling your offices to check on lab/pathology report completions.


Download the full Data Sheet for Appointment and Pathology Completion Updates  here:

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